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Here's what our customers are saying

What I love about BidHere are the prices. This site is different from other auction sites in that you have to purchase your bids so only serious bidders come to the site, but the auction bids are lower and you offer the bidmonkey that helps bid for me even when I am not here. It is great. I am new to this site, but I can already tell that I am going to love and be a frequent visitor.


It's addicting. The items that we bid on are quality stuff and you want to win come hell or high water. There are so many items, you don't know where to begin!!


BidHere ROCKS! Where else can you go and get top of the line electronics for just pennies on the dollar? The ease of BidHere makes it one of the top online auctions in my book.


I love the excitement of just having a vicious competition with another person, and winning after a long battle. The best thing about it is that it's fun and you can get awesome deals that are nowhere else to be found!


I can't believe how great the deals are on this site! What an awesome system. It is excited and affordable. You are basiclly splitting the cost of the product between the loosers. Vey smart way to shop.


I love the whole idea behind BidHere. The excitement of watching an item get down to the last few seconds and hoping it doesn't jump back up and start again is awesome. BidMonkey is my new best friend!


The intensity is crazy when you place a bid and never know if your 10 seconds away from a crazy awesome item for a crazy cheap price! Love it!


I am just amazed at the products and how much of a steal you can really get on all of the items...the best part is all of the apple products and the heavy discounts. Good times. Thanks.


What i love about bidhere is that there is a lot of great stuff up for auction and i like the cheap prices. Although you dont always win i think its fun to just keep bidding and getting better at the auctions.


I think this was a great idea! It's super easy to use and convenient. It's also so exciting; you have such a good chance of getting something for super cheep! WOW.


Ebay? Nope. Craigslist? Nah. BidHere? Bingo! No other site will give you as good a deal, or the excitement of bidding like BidHere does! With some of the best items for auction, I always find something worth bidding on!


i love all the great products that are up for auction i mean i wish i could bid on all of them. i also love the prices that the items sell for which is unheard of anywhere else.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, about adrenaline! It's fast, furious, fair, and OH SO addictive!!!


BidHere is an awesome and easy way to get the latest products at ridiculously low prices -- ALL IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME/OFFICE. This site gives people who don not win much a chance to win BIG. Do yourself a favor and BIDHERE NOW!

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