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How It Works

Register for a free account

It takes JUST A FEW MOMENTS to sign up. Registration is free. No credit card information required for registration.You must be over 18 years of age to participate.

Purchase extra bids to continue bidding

If you have already used your free bids, you can top up your account by PayPal, Credit card, Debit card or other payment options available in your country, such as Echeck, Bpay, GiroPay, etc. All payment options are SSL secured for your peace of mind! Once you have purchased bids, they will appear in your account immediately. Bid Packages are available in 100, 250, 500 and 1000. The larger the package, the bigger the discount. Vouchers are also available.

Placing Bids:

Start placing your bids on any active auctions. When another person places a bid, the timer will reset and begin counting down from the start (usually 20 seconds). If you cannot follow the auction online, you can use BidMonkey to place bids for you. BidMonkey is set up specifically by you.


If you are the last bidder and the timer reaches 00:00:00 and there are no new bids placed, then you win the product for that final auction price. Placed bids are non-refundable. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Once you Win, There are 2 options:

A) Exchange your win for Bids:

Redeem the prize in Bid credits worth the value of the retail price of the product. For example: Retail Price of the item you win: $100 Tag Price of the item: $10. You now have the choice to redeem the win for bids. In this case, you will get bids worth $90!

B) Purchase the item you won:

Pay the final auction price and receive the winning product by post in 7 to 14 working days.

What Is BidMonkey?

Your BidMonkey is specifically set up by you to bid on your behalf when you cannot follow an auction online. You can define number of bids, and period in which those bids are placed to increase your chances of winning! BidMonkey is very smart, it will wait for the time to just reach 00:00:00 and place bids for you. The BidMonkey will also bid automatically for you within your price range.

Where do I set my BidMonkey from?
It's really easy to set up your BidMonkey. Simply click on the the product picture or name and it will take you to 'Product Detail' page. Simply scroll down and you'll see the settings to the right hand side on your screen.

Bid To: $ is the highest amount you are wiling to bid to. Based on the recommended retail price

Start From: $ is the minimum price at your BidMonkey starts bidding

Amount of Bids: is the number of bids you want to place

Start from:
Enter the amount which you want to let your BidMonkey bid automatically for you. Please note: It will automatically show the price at which the product is currently at in the Live Auction. You can change this amount if you want to start bidding at a higher price later in the auction.

Bid To:
This is the amount your BidMonkey will stop autobidding . You have to consider the amount of bids you want to make in the maximum price range you want to set it. The higher the BidMonkey is set too in the 'Bid To' value, the greater your chances are of winning the product!

Amount of Bids:
Amount of bids is the total number of bids you want your BidMonkey to place on your behalf. Please note, this field plays a very crucial role in an auction. You can either leave it to the default value (which is your TOTAL BIDS LEFT BALANCE) or to the maximum number of bids you are willing to place on that auction.Remember, this field can make or break the auction for.

Do not forget to set your BidMonkey right! Please make sure you 'Stop' and 'Start' your BidMonkey when you load more bids into your account. It is important that you reset your BidMonkey to continue bidding on the auction. Failure to reset your BM may result in you losing the auction!

Why Set BidMonkey?

This is because your BidMonkey waits for the very last second left in the countdown to place a bid. BidMonkey is more likely to outbid a single bid at any stage.

  • It places bids on your behalf
  • It acts like your own private bidder
  • It increase your chances of winning
  • It bids when you cannot be online to place bids

Auction Types

Cash Back Auction

If the auction is run as cash back auction, the last 1 to 3 bidders can receive the entire or some % of bids back once the auction has come to an end.

2 Cent Auction

Most of our auctions are set to 2 cent auctions instead of traditional 1 cent. Every bid increases the product price by 2 cents.

Speed Auction

Just like a regular auction, except that the countdown time is significantly shorter.

Fixed Price Auction

If you win a FPA, you only pay the price indicated in the heading of the auction, regardless of the level the bidding reaches.

$0 Auction

Regardless of the number of bids made, the winner does not have to pay anything for the product, not even the auction price or shipping costs.

Buy Now

If there is a Buy Now on the auction, you can always buy the item for a discount, getting back the costs of the bids you have placed in that auction.

20 Second Auction

All auctions start at 20 seconds. With every bid placed, the countdown increases by 20 seconds.

15 Second Auction

All auctions start at 15 seconds. With every bid placed, the countdown increases by 15 seconds.

10 Second Auction

All auctions start at 10 seconds. With every bid placed, the countdown increases by 10 seconds.

Seat Auction

You purchase a seat on a Seat Auction and receive unlimited bids. There are no per bid price to pay after that. Last standing bidder wins!

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