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About BidHere

BidHere is a leading penny auction website where brand new electronics, jewellery, watches and accessories fall under the auction hammer everyday and sell for prices that can only be described as totally insane.

What we do

We are an organization commited to bringing the latest and most expensive brands to you, whilst also making it a fun and enjoyable experience. BidHere employs 256 Bit SSL security for all transaction made through our site, therefore, all personal data is kept secure and confidential. We are also a certified member of McAfee, TrustGuard and Verisign.

BidHere has partnered with various distributors and manufacturers to ensure immediate shipment of all products. We take pride in giving optimal customer service to all our members. Our friendly customer support team are available 24 hours for your convenience.

Why Choose BidHere?

  • Free Sign Up
  • Exchange your win for bids
  • 100% secure payment options
  • Earn Loyalty Points for money you spend
  • Sell your item on marketplace and make money

Our History

At BidHere, we take pride in bringing bargains to our customers. We have been doing so for past 2 years. Our experienced management team comes from different walks of life, making this website possible. Our team includes top notch people from various sectors such as; e-commerce websites, auction websites, logistics, distribution, customer support, legal, and banking. We have over 350 years of combined experience under our belt.

Our Vision

BidHere brings bargains to hundreds of people every day – whether that's through winning an auction, by buying from us, by buying from our marketplace, or by earning loyalty points. We've always believed in the power of our website to bring quality discounts to people’s lives and in doing the right thing. As our business grows, so do our responsibilities. We recognize the importance of your participation on our website and are committed to providing the best value for your money.

We take pride is listening to our customers, their suggestions, their complaints, and their compliments. We invest a lot of our time in perfecting our services, so you can be passed the ultimate bargain.

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Soon you will be able to buy products directly through BidHere's Buy Now Shop with cash or loyalty points that you have earned.
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