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Ending auctions are auctions that are live right now and may end at any time soon. It's the perfect time to place your bid! Choose your favorite auction and get bidding – be the next to snap a bargain for unbelievably low prices.

BidHere online auctions bring bargains to thousands of customers every day – whether that's through winning on a penny auction, by buying from us, by buying from our marketplace, or by earning loyalty points.

Why people prefer BidHere? Because BidHere stands out from the crowd for several good reasons. We make sure that every auction we run gives you a fair go. Real Auctions, Real Winners, Real Time!

Penny auctions at BidHere offer deep discounts whilst also making the whole shopping process a fun and exciting experience. We auction brand new top-name products at bargain prices, usually at 70% to 95% off the retail price. It doesn’t get better than this!

Bid or buy now. We offer something for everyone, whether it’s that new iPhone that you have always wanted, the latest Nikon digital camera to take with you on your next holiday, or a new Louis Vuitton handbag, you will find it all here. More than 50 top brand featured 24 hours a day. Sign up to join the big winners today! is an online auction site like no other.

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Ending Auctions

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Upcoming Penny Auctions

Coming Auctions are pending auctions. These auctions will go live at the displayed time. You may still place your bids whilst it is in pending stage.

BidHere auction site endeavours to offer a broadest range of premium brand items, such as cars, laptop and tablet computers, smartphones, LCD TVs, jewelry, watches, digital cameras, gaming consoles, fashion goods and accessories, household electronics, gift cards and much more.

Usually items are sold on auction at 60-95% discount compared to their regular retail prices. Never pay retail again!

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Soon you will be able to buy products directly through BidHere's Buy Now Shop with cash or loyalty points that you have earned.
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